Fabric Acoustic Panels

Fabric Acoustic Panels

are one of the key products sold by Sontext. By selecting colour or finish of a Fabric Acoustic Panel you can change the total décor of a room.  Click here for brochure

Sontext market a range of Fabric Acoustic Panels called Serenity Acoustic Panels. Available in a range of standard colours or your choice of any fabric from the worlds leading textile houses.

The most important factor in choosing a Fabric Acoustic Panel is the thickness, Serenity Acoustic Panels are available in 25mm,50mm, 75mm and 100mm thicknesses. Each thickness has a different acoustic performance and this will impact the acoustic performance of the room.

Acoustic Wall and Acoustic Panel Ceiling

Serenity Acoustic Panels can be installed on Walls or Ceilings. Deciding on which is suitable is dependent on the design of the room and the availability of sufficient area to place panels.

Sontext manufacture both Serenity Wall and Serenity Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels- Sontext
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Fabric Ceiling Panel
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Ceilings Serenity Ceiling Panel 



Another feature of Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels is the option of Custom Acoustic ArtPanels . Available for Home Cinema or for Boardrooms Acoustic Art panels are an excellent option.

Acoustic Artpanels Bespoke images
Acoustic ArtPanels


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