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 styles to suit any interior.


Sontext is a privately owned and operated company specialising in Architectural

Acoustic Interiors. Originally founded in Australia in 1999 Sontext specialises in the supply and

installation of its own range of sound absorbing panels, lining materials and acoustic treatments.

Sontext has established relationships with most well known consultants and corporations, and its

acoustic products can be found on prestigious projects throughout the world.


The Sontext acoustic product range includes Panels, Shapes, Baffles and Clouds manufactured in a

huge range of colours and finishes. All are designed to be installed onto interior walls or ceilings, and

to integrate with existing or new interior design themes.

Decrasound Polyester Panels

DecraSound products are manufactured from 65% recycled polyester fibre, which is nontoxic, odourless, and has low volatile content. DecraSound Panels and Shapes are designed to provide maximum decorative design flexibility while at the same time significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by minimising reverberation.

DecraSound complements the Sontext range of fabric-faced and perforated timber acoustic panel products, ensuring our clients have maximum choice of acoustic solutions for interior sound control.

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels utilise sophisticated perforation manufacturing techniques from around the world to maximize sound absorption and reduce reverberation when installed. Available in real wood veneers, paint finishes or decorative laminates, Murano offers

Fabric-faced Acoustic Panels are manufactured by Sontext under the ‘Serenity’ brand. Serenity panels are designed to provide excellent sound absorption while enhancing the décor of any room. The designer has the freedom to make his or her own choice of a stylish screen fabric wrapping from the huge variety available on the market.

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Sontext Limited

27 Old Gloucester Street,

London, WC1N 3AX

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 0203 195 3936

Sontext Middle East

Level 23, Boulevard Plaza,

Tower 2 Emaar Boulevard,

Dubai – UAE

Phone: +971 4 409 6863

Sontext Oceania

38C Merri Concourse,



Victoria, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9432 2733

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