Acoustic Wood Panel

Murano Acoustic Wood panels

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are available in Wood Veneer, Painted, and decorative Laminates.  Murano Acoustic Wood panels are designed to reduce noise in places like Auditoriums and lecture theaters. Murano Brochure (PDF) Click here

Acousstic Wood Panels are available in  a wide range of finishes Wood Veneers Murano Wood veneers click here (PDF)  , Paint amd Decorative laminates.

Wood Venner Perforated Ceiling
Perforated Wood Ceiling

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are available in a range of patterns and profiles,  including Perforated, Slotted and Grooved. Each pattern has a different acoustic performance and therefore care should be taken when selecting the profile. Sontext UK recommend that you contact an Acoustic Engineer to assist with the design of the room.

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