Acoustic Clouds

Acoustic CloudsAcoustic Clouds from Sontext

Sontext have now introduced a range of acoustic clouds called Sonofonic. Available in the Pantone colour range and in a number of shapes, Sonofonic Acoustic clouds provide an alternative to traditional acoustic ceiling panels.

Sonofonic clouds can be used in areas such as large open learning centers where there is a lot of noise a hearing of teachers is a problem.

By adding Acoustic Clouds to the ceiling the noise can be reduced significantly. The Sonofonic Clouds are suspended from the ceiling with chain or wire making installation very economical.

For a Brochure on Sonofonic clouds pleaseĀ Sonofonic Sound Shapes acoustic clouds UK 28.6.2014

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Sonofonic Sound Shapes acoustic clouds
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Sonofonic Sound Shapes acoustic clouds
Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds are the latest answer to removing noise from difficult areas including exhibition halls or auditorium.
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